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The Flow Assist® NH3 Application System

We developed the Flow Assist to help you improve the overall consistency of your anhydrous ammonia application; particularly during cold weather application. How does it work? The Flow Assist helps maintain nurse tank head pressure during cold weather so it is similar to warm weather operation.

By using compressed air to replace nurse tank pressure lost by colder air temperature and cloudy days, the Flow Assist maintains operating nurse tank pressure between 80 and 100 pounds. Maintaining nurse tank pressure is the key to moving the liquid to the applicator to prevent low flow conditions seen in cold weather application.

If you're having trouble getting accurate NH3 application, look no further than the Flow Assist. Even on cold or overcast days, you'll enjoy acre after acre of consistent anhydrous application.

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Better Yields

Farmers using the Flow Assist for NH3 application report consistently higher crop yields.

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More Consistent

You'll get more consistent and accurate NH3 application rates when you use the Flow Assist.

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More Efficient

With the Flow Assist, you can easily save up to $10 per acre on your NH3 application costs.

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Cold Weather

You get consistent NH3 application even during cold weather with the Flow Assist.

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